About us

Our purpose

Our purpose is to be a conduit of information to free the planetary mind, body, and spirit from the corruptable energies and influences that have taken hold of mankind over many millennia. Knowledge is power. It is time for a change in the world, and we are agents of that change. Maybe you are too. We instigate change by sharing truth as we find it and understand it. We recognize that each of us must come to understand who and what we are, and the divine nature of our true power and birthright. We each must seek and discover our purpose in the divine plan. And then we must begin to fulfill that purpose. We each must find and walk our own path. Only then will we be able to shed the shackles of the physical, psychological, and spiritual slavery we have endured these many years.

"No man is more truly enslaved, than one who falsely believes he is free." -Goethe

Although we present a metaphysical perspective, we welcome the larger community and invite you to examine the information and content you find on this site. They will come from many different sources, but the prevailing theme will be on presenting information that we find interesting and perspectives not usually considered by mainstream media.

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